Saturday, November 18, 2006

There's Somethin' About Good Commercials

So I got this thing about good commercials, right? I mean, it's like a good commercial is the equivalant(possibly spelled wrong?) of a good popsicle stick joke when you was a kid, you know? Like when you was eating your favorite popsicle and after it was all over you got the little joke to top it off. Like if you was watchin' your favorite tv show, and inbetween cuts you got to see your favorite commercial(s). On some real shit, me and my nigga Jay just go into Jack in the Box on Broadway sometimes wit' other food, just to sit there and watch their commercials. For those of you who aren't informed, Jack in the Boxs now have plasma tvs that show all the latest Jack in the Box commercials, and yo that shit is genius. Anyways, I guess for me it's one of the simple pleasures in life and I think a lotta y'all can agree. So from now on I'ma continue to make posts with dope commercials old and new. Since this bitch ass blog don't wanna let me put the videos up, I got the links instead. Fuck wit' me...
Yo, so Lil' Penny used to be my dude. He was like the next best thing to Mars Blackmon. Matter fact, it might'a been Lil' Penny that put me on to Tryra.
I love this Snickers commercial. Foreal...I might have to learn the words and everthing. And I'm already knowin' there's more than a few of you that's readin' this that know the words already. So give yourself a self high-five, and you get a air chest bump from me...*jumps in air for chest bump* Yeeeeah Booooiii!
Aight, and lastly...this Nike commercial might be my favorite of all time. When 'Sheed pushes that dude-comedy! Back when J-Will was rockin' the double nickel...classic!
Anyways, fuck wit' us...I'll be comin' wit' more posts for dope commercials, and hopefully I won't have to break my screen in frustration(let's keep it real, I'll probably just slap my knee.)tryin' to upload videos. Check 'em out tho'.

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