Friday, May 30, 2008

Kanye West-Flashing Lights(3rd Alternate)

The 3rd and by far worst version of this video.

Tiny Toones

B-Boy Session & Non-Stop Breaks; One Be Lo; Omega Watts; Can U; B-Awake; Prime VIII; Jumakae; Massive Monkees w/ DJ Bless One + DV OneWorld Famous Photographers: Charles Peterson & Stuart IsettUse the flyer as a discount coupon towards the sponsors: Elbasha Cafe & Laced Up. $7 w/ Flyer; $10 w/o Flyer.

T.I. At Bumbershoot

The new lineup posted for Bumbershoot 2008 includes T.I. as well as Keyshia Cole and Estella. Ludacris was scratched off the list for some reason or another, but I'd much rather go see T.I. live then Ludacris. Now i have to start figuring out how I'm going to get into it this year, Fuck paying 30 bucks.

Vibe July 2008 Cover

Nike Air Structure Triax "91 Holiday"

Thanks to Nicekicks we can give you a preview of another new Nike Air Structure Triax '91, which is part of the Nike Holiday '08 collection. It comes in a white/purple colorway with infrared red accents. Barcelona sneaker store Limiteditions will be getting them in later this summer. Via Highsnobiety

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Exit 13

When I came home from the hospital after my birth in 1992 I came home to the sounds of my 5 brothers standing around a boom box, bumpin LL Cool J's "I Cant live with out my radio" 16 years later, LL Cool J is still killing the game. He is set to hit with yet another album Exit 13 this summer. Two singles are all ready out, and its what you would expect from LL Cool J, some classic hip hop, and some songs for the ladies. LL has been killing the game since his first album "Radio" way back in 1985, I'd expect nothing different from him.

Nike Airstab "Runnin Gunnin"

Nike has released a new Nike Airstab Premium Quickstrike that comes in a black/magenta colorway. The sneaker features black elephant print, black mesh, pink sidepanels and pink backheel with “Runnin’ Gunnin’” embroidery Via. Kickaholic

Nike Dunk High "St. Pauli"

This Nike Dunk Hi Premium comes in a Black/Black-Medium Grey Colorway. Classic shape made of black smooth leather suede and mesh. Features nice woven laces, mixing the colors that are also represented on the sneakers. Nice and fresh with the ostrich detailing. Under the innersole you will find the Zoom Air unit for extra comfort. Each pair comes exclusive with a St. Pauli Patch! Via Soleredemption

Eddie Murphy's Back Like Jordan Wearing The 45

The series of films that have entertained me and my mother for years is back to entertain my kids (yah ladies lets make some babies) is back. Eddie Murphy will be back as Ackle Foly in a new Beverly Hills Cop movie dropping soon.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's A Celebrataion Bitchesssssss!!!!!

1000th hit on the blog..........i mean its been a hard and short journey.....but it has paid off and the greatness that you have seen shall continue....

Get Down-Rick Ross Feat. Pharrell

Get Down (ft. Pharrell) - Rick Ross

I'd say another instance of a great Pharrell beat, with the wrong rapper. This just isn't a Rick Ross kind of beat it doesn't work for him. He needs more of a hustle kind of beat as apposed to a skateboard kinda of beat if that makes since to anyone. Although this song is steadily growing on me I can't say it is actually a good song. Cathy? sure, but good? No. I except more from Ross The Boss.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nas's Nigger To Be A Mixtape

Nas is teaming up with DJ Green Lantern to release his Nigger as a mixtape. Nas new album Nas was first set to release as Nigger and then Nigga until threats that the album would get no play and not be shelved forces him to change the title. Now teaming up with DJ Green Latnern and releaseing the album as a mixtape, there is no way to stop production. The mixtape will include bonus tracks that are not included on Nas as well as verses and The Last Real Nigga Alive off of God's Son redone for the mixtape

Kanye West -Flashing Lights Video (Alternate)

Kanye's Alternate Version Of Flashing Lights. Kanye shot three versions of this music video, and this is the second one. I'm glad this wasn't the final I felt like I was going to have a siezure before the end of this shit.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Slick Rick Granted Pardon.

This new black governors is kinda cool. Slick Rick has been granted a full pardon and is now allowed to go back to his childhood residence, New York. This is what the governor had to say about the situation:
Mr. Walters has fully served the sentence imposed upon him for his convictions, had an exemplary disciplinary record while in prison and on parole, and has been living without incident in the community for more than 10 years,” Patterson said in a statement. “In that time, he has volunteered at youth outreach programs to counsel youth against violence, and has become a symbol of rehabilitation for many young people. Given these demonstrated rehabilitative efforts, I urge federal immigration officials to once again grant Mr. Walters relief from deportation, so that he is not separated from his many family members who are United States citizens, including his two teenage children.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

17/6 Pack

I missed it. This weekend was too crazy for me to let you guys know in advance, maybe the hottest pack to drop yet, the 17/6. The dropped this Saturday at RPS. If I one wish I'd ask for a big enough ass for the whole world to kiss....and this pack.

Bape Metallic Roadsta/Bapsta

These are kinda hot. Metallic leather on the bapsta and the roadsta! Bape is doing real big things with this right here.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Drugs Couture

For the young lady readers out there, this tee is dope! That's all there is too it!

Check out more about this up and coming label Drugs Couture.
Hit em' UP @

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Common - Universal Mind Control

Universal Mind Control U.M.C. FULL HQ SONG - Common Ft. Pharrell mohit dhawan delhi india

Oh man Common what is going on. I'm almost as disappointed in this track as I am in The Cool Kids Much Hyped Album The Bake Sale. This reminds me of something off of Electric Circus which was far from Commons usual soulful sound. Pharrell's beat is not the problem to me, in fact I really like Pharrell's beat on this track. Pharrell can do much better but the real issue is that the beat is just not Common. The beat is way to fast for him and lacks a lot of the rhythmic soul that gives Common such panache. Common cant flow over this beat, he should have stuck to a nice Kanye beat and called it a day. Honestly Common, what happened to the Resurrection days?

Put It On The Calender

The man the myth....the legend Chris Rock is coming to Seattle. August 27th the funniest man on the planet will be hittin the Paramount theater. I can already promise you that it will be some entertaining ish.....make sure you try and be one of the lucky ones in attendance.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nike Air Tech Challenge New Colorway

The last colorway that was released in the Air Tech Challenge was recieved with enthusism by fans (me in perticular) The new colorway, Clay/Blue, is a little more less extravagent to me lacking a lot of the WOW factor.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Flavor For Your Ear

Macklemore At Lakeside

So yesterday Macklemore showed up at my school for our annual May Day celebration. Yea I know Macklemore at Lakeside, as you might think the majority of the community was just not ready for his lyrical content. He performed a couple of different tracks from his album The Language Of My Whole a couple tracks I haven't heard before. The overall performance was great, Macklemore really worked with what he had, given the fact that audience was lacking greatly, and he could only say words like "damn" and "hell" causing some of his songs to sound incomplete. The best performance of the day was his "White Privilege" where he addresses his own struggle as a white rapper in the ever so changing industry of Hip-Hop. I felt that performance in general was received with mixed feelings in the crowd. Another Stand out performance of the day was "Love Song" which the Mack dedicated to a couple in the crowd adding to his already outstanding on stage charisma. Overall Macklemore did great with what he was given, got a few free burgers sold some tees so I'm sure he enjoyed himself. Support this local Artist

Peace to Aisha for bringing HipHop to Lakeside.

Ecapcity Exclusive

The latest this mariners cap is way to fresh, like I need this pronto. I love just as much as I love girls with sneakers and

I'm A Hustler

So hes come along way from Marcy projects.....the New Jersey Nets have announced that Jay-z will be one of the 14 representatives for the Net's at the 2008 NBA draft lottery (today at 8 on espn) it is unclear to the public what his role will be with the team and what the futcher of the team will be but as a major owner and with jay-z I'm sure it will be profound

Fast and Furious 4/ Lil Wayne

Wayne is set to star in the upcoming fast and furious movie dropping in 2009.....Wayne clearly has no problems in the rap game so i guess he is just looking for a challenge......I'm not to sure how his acting skills will be but don't go to a Fast and Furious movie expecting to see good acting so I'm sure it will just be like the last hella dope action and terrible plot and acting but what ever ...... we will see

Monday, May 19, 2008

What Is The Music Industry Coming Too?

Its pure comedy, but why does this song even exist.

I cant front I laughed my ass of but that's besides the point.

Nas "Nigger" An Ex-nay For Album Title

Nas new album, set to release July 1st, entitled Nigger is now no longer going to be released with such a controversial title. The new title is simply Nas the release date will stay the same but I guess Nas, who originally seemed very confident with his decicision, has decided to chang ethe name. His original dicesion was backed by LA Reed and Jay-Z and called it an expression off the artist but recently there has been word the the album would never hit shelves because of the controversial title. Earlier this month he talked about the album with MTV talking about the title and wether or not he was going to keep the title.

“Record stores are gonna have a problem in this day and time selling a record with that title,” Nas explained. “Who knows what’s gonna turn out and be on that title? Who knows what the title will be? It was important to me to let the fans know what the album would be musically…Everybody is trying to stop the title. It’s just people being scared of what’s real. Somebody is trying to open up dialogue for people to talk. People thats high up, who aren’t really understanding what I’m doing, are scared."

“They’re scared for reason I understand, but the fans gotta know either way: This is he same album,” he finished. “The content is the same, the direction is the same, the message is gonna be everything I intended it to be musically." Via XXl

N.E.R.D/Hype Williams Movie

So Skateboard P announced in a radio interview over the weekend that N.E.R.D would be releasing its first feature film some time in the upcoming year......super directer Hype Williams ( the man behind most of kanye's videos and the tribes and all that) will be taking on the project of putting the story of N.E.R.D on film......the story is crazy ...Hype Williams is genius should be dope

100th post....yah it is

its a celebration 100 post

Upcoming Releases

N.E.R.D's new release "Seeing Sound" set to release June 10th with about 14 tracks. Their single, "Everyone Nose" set the bar pretty high for the rest of the album. I'm excited but don't know if I'm going to run out and buy it, so like not that excited.

The Cool Kid's new release "The Bake Sale EP" is set to release on iTunes on May 20th, fallowed by the June 10th release to stores. Fallowing the album they will release a mixtape "That's Stupid" via thier new website here I'm really looking forward to this release, after a plethora of super tight mixtapes the album can only be excellent. I will be running to the store to cop this one for sure.

Han Cholo x Puma First Round Collabo

A sneak peak of the collabo by Han Cholo x Puma. The sneakers are set to release this summer which they should be good for. I personally like the sneakers but cannot get down with Puma's, they are just a tad too much for me.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

This Guy Knocked Suge Knight Out!

First video interview of the man that knocked Suge Knight Out. (TMZ got it wrong hes 6'0 185 lb) See this guy on video when you can cause his life might be over real quick.

XXL Cover For July Issue

Make It Reign!
This guy Rick Ross is so fat man shit! this guys not big he's just fat! Props for posing on the front of a magazine with no shirt when you know your fat as hell. (and on his IX's)

RPS Moving Sale

They are moving, and having a sell. Dont get there till after I get what I want FOOLS!

Nike "Miami South Beach" Pack

The bright lights and sunny beaches of Miami are allegedly behind this latest pack of sneakers from the Nike. Many of the models feature warm fluorescent gradients which are kept minimal mostly as an accent seen on the synthetic parts. Models include the usual suspects such as the Air Max 90, Air Max 1, Air Max BW and Shox NZ and are slated for a Euro exclusive starting June 9th.Via Hypebeast

These are my personal favorites of the collection. I don't quite know how I feel about the whole Happy Easter/Lets go to Basket&Robbins and get rainbow sorbet color schemes going on here. I guess I'm just a big fan of air max 90's

Fallow Up On DunkxChange

The date is the 31st of May.
Peace to my homie Nic B on that.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DunkxChange In Seattle!

This is very exciting, everyone that knows anything about sneakers, spends time looking at sneakers, shit has ever bought a pair of sneakers should come out cause its gonna be dope. U.N.I. will be there, if you missed them last time they performed you should def come cause it was hot. I dont understand why the date isnt on there but what ever, it is also going to be the release of Once Upon A Time x Lacedup"We Run Seattle" t's. Come out fools!

So Who The Fuck Is Kooler?????

So if i no u as well as i think i do i would say that you woke up this morning....much like u do every morning and asked ur self ....who the fuck is this guy Kooler that is doin all this work on the I.S.H blog......well i would just like to take this time to allow myself to im just a young man tryin to make it in this cool kids world....times is is hard....but shit im tryin........wait now that i think about life ant that hard.....the sun is shining ....i have been seeing more dresses and less jeans that means summer is coming .....dresses, skirts and booty shorts....its like the summer groundhog day......but yah you will be hearing and if your lucky seeing much more from yah keep your eyes open

Get At Me

When The New Music Aint Getting It Done For You

Sometimes you got to revert back to the classics......and just to help you with that is one of the dopest mix tapes I have to that Cool Kids joints ( check the blog) is this Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy.......its a mix of some legends Sinatra and Biggie.

N.E.R.D - Everybody Nose Music Video

N.E.R.D always come with something a tad different then most rappers when it comes to not only their music but also their music videos. Everybody Nose is no exception, the video is just wild to say the list once I started it I had to see what was going to happen next. Cinematography people, cinematogtraphy at its best. (the best you can get dealing with music videos I guess)

Some people say I look like Pharrell Williams

When Ish Like This Happens.....

When something like Kanye and Wayne getting together on a Lollipop remix...I feel the need to tell people that ish.

Lil Wayne f. Kanye West - Lollipop (rmx) Hip Hop Songs >

Monday, May 12, 2008

Peace To The Homie Shap

If you are interested in becoming a lot cooler then your sorry self already is, you should check out the homie Sam Shap's blog The blog is summarized in these words by Sam himself, "Trend fresh is devoted to bringing you Intelligent commentary on music, sports, film, fashion, art, politics, street culture, consumerism, and celebrity." Check it out, my guy Sam drops knowledge so take notes. Trendfresh will keep you hip to whats hot right now, it's a a great asset to the quickly growing blog community.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Cool Kids Mixtape: Cool Ass Ninjas

The Cool Kids Dropped their new mix tape "Cool Ass Ninjas" after their first mix tape Totally Flossed Out. I've been waiting for some new Cool Kids to surface for a long time and his is a pleasant surprise to me. Unfortunately 1 through 15 out of the 19 tracks everyone has already heard, the same Black Mags and what not but the last 4 tracks are brand new and though a lot more different then the usual big bass Cool Kids every ones used to, the still come pretty hard. Check out #19 stove top my personal favorite. Download the mix tape here.

Happy Mothers Day

To my moms, all my friends moms, and all the chicks out there that are gonna be my babys moms, Happy Mothers Day

Friday, May 09, 2008

R Kelly Trial Set to Go

The trial is just underway with Jury selection getting started and R Kelly is already getting in to trouble accusations have arose of bribery and its just .....all bad for Kells but his lawyer seemed pretty optimistic about the whole thing ....we will see....hopefully he gets off soon enough that he can continue to come out with that baby making music that helps me get my swerve on so much

Life After Death But... No Justice

Over 10 years after the murder of The Notorious B.I.G the family has still not found justice after a sketchy investigation his family is still looking for a answer to his death
U.S. District Judge has reinstated a wrongful-death lawsuit brought by the family of slain rapper, reversing an earlier decision to throw the case out.

Goodfoot "Splatter" New Era

This new era, released by Goodfoot to go along with the Nike Air Tech Challenge II's, are currently available at Goodfoot retailers. Im not usually a big fan of matching products with sneakers but this hat is dope. It was also released in Purple/Orange, and Blue/Lime. Via Strictly Fitteds.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Lost Ones

It is now evident to everyone that there is no way for Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic election. Once cleverly disgused as being incredibly tenacious, it is now clear that instead of tenacity Clinton just has an gigantic ego. Seriously sometimes you just gotta know when to give up. In order for her to win the Democratic Election, Clinton would have to win 70% of the votes in upcoming nominations, she barely won in Indiana. Or if news got spread that Obama is actually Osama Bin Ladan trying to sabotage the US government. Or better yet, we all know tupac isnt dead. He decided to come out of hiding in the Virgin Island and run for president under the alter ego Barack Obama. Like honestly Hillary just throw in the towel, you lost to a black man get over it.
Speaking of the Barack Obama, check out this tee limited time at Laced Up everyones friendly fashion retailer.

Other News Of Our Awsome Readers

Awhile ago I promise anybody who found me the Nike Air Tech Challenge II's ten bucks. Some fool that likes the knowledge on drop on this mess, Thomas Euyang, shot me a website (a really good website whos URL cannot be disclosed to you at the time) with the sneakers on it in my size! Unfortunatly I visited my local ordinary sneaker store and found them! (the stores name I cannot disclose to you at the time mainly because I haven't purchased the sneakers yet. They are supposed to get the shipment with my size sometime this week!) I owe you thomas! Keep reading!


I said a couple days ago something about some Jordan IV's
and I meant to say VI's.
Thanks to my readers Hector and Anonymous,
way to catch my blunder guys.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Greedy Genius Apache New "Yurple" Colorway

The first release of the Jordan V inspired Greedy Genius apache was recieved well by sneaker Heads. I certainly wanted to get a pair of apache's in my hands. This new colorway Im recieveing with mixed feelings, I adore the sneaker and purple, I dont know if I can get down with the green yellow thing going on. The Yurple features reflective tongue, like the V which is cool, and a Lime Green Outsole with the "Kings Of Sneakers" logo. Set to release in a couple weeks.

T.I..Fist Single Off New Album

T.I released his first single and this statement....

"It's a lot of bullshit out right now. I'm not gonna front. I feel it's definitely about time for somebody to come back out and kick this thing back in gear. The rotation is suffering right now. I intend to do something about it. It's just a matter of when."

It should be dope check out the first single No Matter What off the album Paper Trail hear:

15 Policemen Beating Coaught On Tape

In Philly on Monday night a video was taken showing about a dozen Police officers pulling 3 men out of a car. Half of them then proceeded to hold two of the men down and beat um and the 3rd man was also beaten. There has been no reasoning for this expressed by the officers all we can conclude is that ish like this is fucked up

This is why N.W.A sold do many records ......

Kanye West's, Pastelle Sunglasses Collection

With Kanye West's much anticipated Clothing line release, Pastelle, comes word that the brand will also be putting out sunglasses as well. Ksubi from Austrailia is responsible for the sunglasses design for the line, and apparently these glasses will be going for like $2000 when they drop in October. (Some japanese hipsters have already placed orders sight unseen!) I know Kanye's not going to put anything out thats wack so I'm looking forward to what hes going to do not only with the sunglasses but the brand in general.