Monday, June 04, 2007


We're not dead, for the record
...ok so we haven't been on our job on the blogging
But on everything else we've been making moves
[[so stay tuned cause we'll keep you updated, swear.
and our boy TV Jackson from 1VAM is being added to the blog so he'll be doing some posts too

-Jeweler x iSh: Big Faded Krew

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lacep Up! 3/3/24

Ok sooooo if anybody went down to Laced Up on the 24th it definitely didn't open then but March 3 it's opening for sure so get it down there and if you need the information on it is down below homie!

Monday, February 19, 2007

True story...

Ok so tonight we heard from the single solitary person who actually reads our blog religiously (yea you know who you are) and so we decided that like we always promise to do we're going to actually start updating this shit pretty damn regularly. Jazz (1st lady iSh) is in Vegas for the allstar weekend AND she caught some of the MagiC Trade show which I'm sure has been crazy so we should hear some shit from her pretty soon. Porter and I (yea thats some pretty fuckin proper ass grammar...SWEET) have managed to get our hands on a digital camera and we SHOULD have a lot more pictures to put up but hey what can I say other then...we don't. Been interning at Laced Up a new streetwear clothing store that is set to open February 24 and there will be an opening part March 2nd so save that date we'll let you know where it's going to be at pretty soon. Here is the flyer front and back on the back side there is all the brands that will be carried upon the stores opening with more soon to be added to that list....

Front of the flyer yes this is Nas and no he doesn't live in the store as was rumored...thanks to whatever douche bag made that up...real mature

Here is the back of said flyer....

Yea don't try to act like thats to small to read either ok shit...

Um so stay tuned for more news on that loyal reader (your the best!) and we'll let you know if anything else interesting happens around town.


oh yea check that out for more info on Laced Up

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Yo Lupe Fiasco is going to be at the Hub on the University of Washington campus and I'm comin out with my team so that means you BETTER BE THERE!!! Its going to be dope he has Chokolat, Common Market and the Blue Scholars opening for him which is a pretty solid lineup. I actually know a recent American Idol contestant from Sseattle (who sadly didn't make it past the first cuts...snicker) will be singing backup for Chokolat whom I've never heard but heard a lot about. All that to say is that Wednesday night January 31 I wanna see everybody out there. If you can't make it (for all you squares who can't come out on offense its hip to be a square) there will definitely be flicks posted the day after...