Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stars And Stripes

Come out and support this guy TH at the Stars and Stripes concert on September 11th at Chop Suey. Also featuring D Black, Peoples, Spaceman, and Gnotes. Come out and support.

What Happened To The ISH Blog?

Ok, alright I've been sluffin. As you can see the Ill Shopping Habits Blog has been on a brief break due to conditions out of anyones hands. Earlier this summer both me and kooler left the country to do some studying. Me in the Dominican Republic (much studying was taken place there) and Kooler in Panama. We both decided to leave Blog in the hands of my big brother Jacob the Jeweler. My big brother carried the load of the blog for a couple days but soon his hectic life took over and the ball (the blog) was dropped. I cant be mad at this man though, life is hectic. Upon my return I fell into the hectic lifestyle of being 16 during the summer time in the six and no blogging was taken place. No worries all is not lost, the summers over and I've got lots of time on my hands once againI! So, dont skip young world the ISH blog is back written by the BFK and affiliated with the infamous Laced Up....Stay tuned Me Studying In the Dominican