Friday, December 29, 2006


So my kid brother turned 15 last week (crazy cause I remember when he was born...sike hell now I don't) and to celebrate we took him out on the town to as usual paint it red. On todays menu was some freakin Laser Tag...

Whoever decided to call it Laser Quest was definitely hella wack...

I realize this may be probably the most random thing you ever read but trust me its worth it. Now, as some of you probably know there is most definitely nothing called Laser Quest in the inner city (as if Seattle is even big enough to have an inner city) where I reside. So naturally we had to pack up the family van to head out to the stix (Federal Way) to play some tag. The mission was set to begin at 0:6000 hours and everything was on schedule until my sisters janxy ass Scion...

Wack ass space escape pod looking vehicle a mode of transportion fit for a little person, sprite fairy or someone capable of witchcraft.

Broke down and was rendered useless so everyone whe was riding with her (both my sisters, two cousins, and brother in law) were unable to partake in the nights revelery, don't worry however because you will see them later and it will invovle mexican food if that excites anybody out there. While waiting for our game to load we entertained the Federal Wayenites by taking random and borderline innapropriate photos...

Fuckin Drama

I have waaaaaaaaaaay to much time on my hands officially....

I think this picture says enough on its own...

After spending a few minutes dicking around with the camera we walked across the street to the mall which is a place I personally would never ever ever ever ever shop at but we wanted to mingle with the locals so to the mall it was. The first thing that caught my eye was a Federal Way memrobellia (hella not how you spell that I think) shop which I had to stop in. Young Ike and Drama were pretty excited about it to so once again the camera came in handy and some flicks were taken...

Fuckin Johnny Drama does it again...

This is where I studied Karate and come get some fools

Suuuuuck It!!!!!!!!

After cruising the mall for a while which was sorely disappointing (Ike step your game up son!!!) we headed back to the Laser Quest to shoot at each other for a while which was surprisingly satisfying mostly because I won....well pretty much only because I won and yea kickin it with the family was cool too. By the way I'm not just bragging for no reason I did actually did kick major ass in there and I think my undercover CIA work had something to do with it but keep that on the low. Anyway after the Laser Tag we headed to Azteca for some Mexican eating!!!!

I'm glad it says Mexican Restaraunts below the name cause I mean otherwise how would we know???

The facial expression on a waiters face as we walked in the restaraunt was priceless so I randomly had to capture it...


The whole fam had joined us by this time and now the party was really on. Upon entering we met a real life parrot and all had to get a flick with it...

Ike the ladykiller (sorry ladies we all have to go sometime right??)

Drama at first mistook this for a young lady...

He tried to steal my hot sauce...not cool

Well to be quite honest with you my hands are getting kinda tired and this is taking a lot longer then I thought it would but the moral of the story is Laser Tag is cool and Mexican food is great and here are some more random photos from the night... Jeweler

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blog Traffic = 0

Ok so yes we have been sluffin and nothing has been posted on the blog for hella hella long. To all our loyal readers (all three of you...I checked the blog traffic report...its sad) stay tuned because we're about to make some moves pretty soon and we want to keep you guys informed. By the way shout outs to everybody thats back in town for the holidays its good to see everybody and we gotta do it big over break (Stone we're splurging for Coronas forget all of that cheap shit). So stay fresh and keep on your iSh

ps. go fuckin see Happy Feet that shit is hella hella tight...

The Jeweler

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sneaker Art!!!!

So as I was surfing through the internet in a state of extreme boredome (one can only spend so much time on myspace) I stumbled across some artwork done by Dave White an artist out of Liverpool he's done a lot of good stuff but what I found most interesting was some of his pictures of sneakers...

Heineken Dunk

One of my favorite Nike Dunks of all time the Heineken Dunk. He also did this special edition Supreme Hightop Dunk...

Supreme Dunk

Not wanting to limit himself solely to dunks he also did this rendition of the Marvel Comics Spiderman Bapesta's...

Spiderman Bapesta's

Now in my opinion and I'm sure you will all agree with me on this, no artist's collection is complete with a few Star War's paintings and Dave White being in my opinion a great artist has knocked off a couple of them...

Lovable Droid

Pictured above is one of the most helpful droids in the galaxy I think we all know and love him ladies and gentlemen need I even say who it is? It's R2D2...and keeping the galaxy shaking in their space boots we have a bad mofo right here...

Boba Fett

so as you can see he's a very accomplished artist...if you wanna check out some more of his work then check out

The Jeweler...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Me and P.O. took some time out of our busy schedules to go visit my auntie in the hospital...and while you may be thinking that it must've been a very somber occasion, my family and pardon my French (I wonder why people say pardon my French I mean do the French curse a lot or something??? Thought for the day) but my family comprises so bad ass funny ass mofo's so as usual it was smiles partying and bullshit as you can see from the photo below....

They wouldn't let us smoke in the hospital but we're still high off life

ps. we dont smoke its a terrible habit and we don't do it and neither should you...

By for the highlight of the evening was most assuredly our performance of one of our trademark rapping/beat-boxing/80's rapping performances which was of course met with whistles and cries for more...I personally quite enjoyed it but hey thats just me you can judge it for yourself...

Freshness Guaranteed

Click on the Freshness Guaranteed and prepare to be amazed or extremely disappointed and remember the power is YOURS!!! (you'll know what that means after you click the link)

The Jeweler...

Monday, November 20, 2006

Aww to be 21...
damn you showbox

Saturday, November 18, 2006

There's Somethin' About Good Commercials

So I got this thing about good commercials, right? I mean, it's like a good commercial is the equivalant(possibly spelled wrong?) of a good popsicle stick joke when you was a kid, you know? Like when you was eating your favorite popsicle and after it was all over you got the little joke to top it off. Like if you was watchin' your favorite tv show, and inbetween cuts you got to see your favorite commercial(s). On some real shit, me and my nigga Jay just go into Jack in the Box on Broadway sometimes wit' other food, just to sit there and watch their commercials. For those of you who aren't informed, Jack in the Boxs now have plasma tvs that show all the latest Jack in the Box commercials, and yo that shit is genius. Anyways, I guess for me it's one of the simple pleasures in life and I think a lotta y'all can agree. So from now on I'ma continue to make posts with dope commercials old and new. Since this bitch ass blog don't wanna let me put the videos up, I got the links instead. Fuck wit' me...
Yo, so Lil' Penny used to be my dude. He was like the next best thing to Mars Blackmon. Matter fact, it might'a been Lil' Penny that put me on to Tryra.
I love this Snickers commercial. Foreal...I might have to learn the words and everthing. And I'm already knowin' there's more than a few of you that's readin' this that know the words already. So give yourself a self high-five, and you get a air chest bump from me...*jumps in air for chest bump* Yeeeeah Booooiii!
Aight, and lastly...this Nike commercial might be my favorite of all time. When 'Sheed pushes that dude-comedy! Back when J-Will was rockin' the double nickel...classic!
Anyways, fuck wit' us...I'll be comin' wit' more posts for dope commercials, and hopefully I won't have to break my screen in frustration(let's keep it real, I'll probably just slap my knee.)tryin' to upload videos. Check 'em out tho'.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Ok I'm going to start this off by saying...What the FUCK!!! Exscuse my harsh language and under normal circumstances I don't condone the overuse of profanity but I have a serious issue to talk to all you about today. Fake sneakers: and not just any old fake sneakers (I hate any sort of fake sneakers for the record but I especially hate these) but fake Invisible Woman Air Force Ones. THEY ONLY MADE TWO FUCKING COLORS OF THEM, and if anybody is confused as to what those colorways are then I will show them to you right now...

clear/light iris-ice blue


clear/harbor blue-military blue-white

Those are the only official colorways relased (thanks to for the picks) any other colors that you may own or are thinking about purchasing PLEASE BURN IMMEDIATELY!!! I don't even understand why people buy these things they are obviously not real everybody knows it I mean damn. Moral of the story if I see you in a pair of shoes that look like this...

Clown Shoes

Fake fuckin sneakers

I will slap/nun-chuck/or possibly completly destroy you. So please if you own any sneakers that look anything like the before pictured pictures be warned you might get SLAPPED!!!!

Tattoos, Fashion, Austin Powers Stunts and Everything In Between

I've been straight slackin' and should have posted this shit a lot time ago. Sorry 'bout that, but anways... A couple of weeks ago Jay and I had the chance to catch up with J.R., co-owner of Seattle's street wear boutique the Winners Circle, and owner of Inner City Empire printings and promotions. He also designs and runs the Winners Circle's in-house brand Illkinda. He's a busy dude so it was dope that Jay and I got the chance to kick it with him and talk a little bit.

He asked us to meet up with him at his place and said that we could talk while he got a new tattoo. His dude Dave had flown in from Philly and had been inking their whole crew while in town. Dave also does ink work for the State Property crew, so it was nice to be able to see some of his work first hand.

After introductions and what not...we sat down and talked while J.R. and Dave and designed the new tattoo.

I would call it an interview but I feel as tho' that's too was more of a conversation in my opinion, all in all J.R. is a cool ass dude and he has a lot of good check it out.

Porter Ray: "So why'd you decide to open up the shop?"

J.R.: "I've been silk screening for years, and I've always been into graffitti, so I felt that it was an outlet for both."

Porter Ray: "And why the urban market?"

J.R.: "That's where I'm comin' from. I grew up at westlake, skateboarding, doing graffitti and stealing from the shops down there.(Lol.)"

Porter Ray: "Good shit. What resources helped with the opening of the boutique?"

J.R.: "Pretty much everything from me silk screening and networking with graf artists and skaters. I stayed down in San Francisco for a minute and got to meet and network with a lot of people. On top of that, I've just always known of bunch of people, you know what I mean?"

Porter Ray: "Definately. So are you a designer yourself?"

J.R.: "We have an in-house brand-Illkinda. I design for them. I also helped with my dude Jesse Edward's brand. Jesse's the one that did all those paintings of the Jordans that are hanging up in Goods."

Porter Ray: "Do you have a favorite brand, or brands?"

J.R.: "Let's see... I Rak, Red Tops, Crooks, Alife, and ANYthing. Oh, also D4, Zeta Brown, and Midnight Ice Cream."

Porter Ray: "Yeah, my cousin has this dope Red Tops shirt with the scene from Menace II Society, where Kane puts the gun to dude's face and jacks him for his rims. It's crazy."

Porter Ray: "But...what are some of the trends that you're not too fond of?"

J.R.: "Sleeping in front stores for shoes. That shit's cornball. I mean, don't take it too serious. Let's see... gun prints and the whole raping of Wu Tang. Like that "Listen To Ghostface" tee, and a lot of the other Wu shit that's out. Other than that I'm pretty open minded."

Porter Ray: "It seems like a lotta peopel feel as tho' all over print hoodies are getting played out, but how do you feel about that?"

J.R.: "All over print hoodies? Na, I'm cool with those. I don't really have a problem with 'em. I mean, just don't feed into the hype."

Porter Ray: "Yeah. So how would you describe Seattle's street culture right now?"

J.R.: "I'd say that it's small, and ran by very few people. It's also really slept on because we have a pretty dope scene. But I think that it is definately growing."

Porter Ray: "Yeah. I feel like we're starting to be recognized more tho'. How would you describe street culture in general currently?"

J.R.: "I feel like it's getting kind of played. Like it's going thru the motions to where it's getting really big right now. But I think that it's gonna die down soon, and it'll be a couple of years before it happens again."

Porter Ray: "Just for the fuck of it, what happened to your leg?"

J.R.: "(Lol.) Alright, so my homeboy Ryan Grant who does Major W8 pulled up in front of the store in his mom's Miata. So all of us outside the store had a competition to see who could clear the Miata. We each succeeded or whatever, so we wanted to see who could slide across the hood of the car the fastest and the coolest. Well, everyone succeeded in that too. So the next competition was to see who could jump into the driver's seat on some Austin Powers shit, like they were about to speed off. So I attempted a few times but never completed it perfectly. Needless to say I kept trying, right? So I keep trying to jump in figuring that I can do the shit and my foot ends up getting stuck in the streering wheel, and I end up in the hospital."

Porter Ray: "(Lol.) Bananas...helly crazy, but that's hilarious tho'."

J.R.: "Yup."

Porter Ray: "So you're into skateboarding, right?"

J.R.: "Definately."

Porter Ray.: "And what's your opionion on the whole skate culture becoming "cool"?"

J.R.: "I think that it was bound to happen. But I definately think that everything is coming together."

Porter Ray: "Do you think that it's good for the culture, or that it's saturating it?"

J.R.: "I think that there will always be something that keeps it from playing out, something that will keep it with the right people."

Porter Ray: "You know Jim Jones started a skate team called Dip Skate right?"

J.R.: "Yeah that shit's definately corny. I love Dip Set, but I think they are definately doing too much. And it's not even skateboarding... it's roller blading. I remember had the video with this dude and he's got this iced-out chain that hangs like down to his dick, and he's smoking weed and shit, and then he starts skating and doing tricks and shit.

My dude from I Rak does all the videos for Shiest Bub and J.R. Writer, so I understand that they gotta eat, and that they have people to feed and take care of, but I feel like that shit was corny."

Porter Ray: "What is some shit that influenced you?"

J.R: "Just the streets, and what's going on in the world. Everything that we do is just a collective of everyone we fuck with. We just started from the ground up. Our Whole thing was just to give all of our friends oppurtunities. Just keeping it local and trying to put people on."

Porter Ray: "Sounds good. Now for bullshit questions... What's your favorite movie?"

J.R.: "Fuck, that's hard! Umm... the original Resovoir Dogs, 80 Blocks from Tifanny's, Flying Cut Sleeves, and Gangs of New York from back in the '70s and shit."

Porter Ray: "And what about music? Do you have a favorite artist?"

J.R.: "I listen to so much shit, but probably Frank Sinatra and Johnny Matthews."

Porter Ray: "You got any advice for young designers or entrepreneurs?"

J.R.: "Just do it, you know what I mean? Just set goals and go after them. It's a lot of extra work counting on other people to do it for you. You'll also have no excuses, or anyone to blame but yourself. Just makes shit a lot easier."

Porter Ray: "What are the plans for the future?"

J.R.: "Just to keep expanding, you know? Grow, be healthy, and take care of my people. We're also trying to open up another store. Just grow."

Porter Ray: "Any last words of wisdom?"

J.R.: "For people getting into the industry, don't limit yourself. Whether it's learning how to burn your screen prints or doing your art. Don't limit yourself, just do it!"

Definately check out J.R.'s website There is also a blog that he does on the site, info, pics, and links.

In any case make sure that you run down to the Winners Circle-500 E. Pine St. They carry a lot of dope brands, and they got me turning into a fuckin' regular. J.R. also has a lot of contact info on his site. He does prints for Capitol1524 and Johnny Cupcakes, so if you're looking for prints holla at him!

J.R. and I at his spot

Jay and J.R. posing at his spot. Me and Jay had to take turns taking the pics which was definately unprofessional, but fuck it. Not to mention the pics suck!

I stole these from J.R.'s blog off but this the tat that he and his homie Dave were working on while Jay and I kicked with him. It's the Monopoly man(I'm lost for his fuckin' name right now) with his cane and bag of money, and under it is stated "Get Rich or Die Tryin' ." Dope...or as Jazz would say, "Helly filthy!"

Me and Jay ended up catchin' the bus that night. That man in the tan jacket turned around and gave me this look after I took this pic like, "I'm on the run mothafucka! The fuck are you doin' takin' my picture?! Mothafucka I'll kiiiiiiilllll yooooouuuuu!"
So of course I looked back at him, like "Mothafucka I'm a super hero booooiii! And I fight crime! And will be quick to put the mothafuckin' moves on your bitch ass! In which case he turned around and cuddled with his chick...(sidenote, yes this was the same night that me and jay went to that sneaker documentary, so no I'm not just rockin' the same fit on a different night)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Me and my boy MEATLOAF

I bought a fucking meatloaf sandwhich lastnight...what the fuck was I thinking!

Friday, November 10, 2006


My shit? Well I think its time to step my game up. I know I wear a mean dark pair of shades, thats threads that is, but i think its time to spoil myself. Take another low key trip to New York, step my game up five notches. hahhaaa....naw...really...i need a four finger ring in my life.

Sunday November 5th 2006, my boy Donte and I hit up Threads, a local independent shopping event in the Fremont shopping district.

The exhibition was hot, it included mystery gift bags that we were searching for the whole time(niggas), who doesnt enjoy free shit? I do!!!!!The eats were weak, so your gonna charge me ten dollers for a pulled pork sandwhich? I'm not fucking with you or your pulled pork, i'll only fuck with Jones Barbeque's pulled pork. Ha!

The actual exhibiton was hot though, it included local designers from Washington, Oregon, California, all over the U.S. I even ran into a Jewelry Designer from Hawaii.

Due to the fact that we are starving students pursuing our dreams...I had twenty bucks, and the show was seven to get, I was also considering that pulled pork. Starve or spend. Well starvation definately took over. Damn, that was definately a hard predicament, I was surrounded by so many tantalizing fashions. Including, a bag made of Vinyl records, get the fuck out of here. You know how hot that would be, all I would need is my four finger ring and maybe a grill, maybe. I mean aluminum foil might work, I tried it last summer when I was in a local fashion show, it could have worked. Besides the hot threads, there was beautiful art work, and omg, discounted Sevens, diesels, and citizens. I was in Baller's heaven.

We ended up leaving very full, yet unsatisfied so we hit up the local thai restaurant for some pad thai and my favorite pineapple curry. If you ever get a chance to hit up the fremont shopping District, they have some mean Vintage thrift stores, just make sure you carry more than twenty bucks.

- Until next time, stay peachy keen, fresh

and clean, the firms 1st lady

Walking in the rain at 5:00 a.m. for pizza

Soooo if you've ever stayed in Seattle for an extended period of time you know their aren't many places to eat late at night. Let me set up the scenario...its 4:00 am sitting around at P.O.'s house hella hungry and not tired enough to sleep off the hunger so here go our options...
  1. Rummage for food in Porter's mom's kitchen(this usually doesn't produce anything except frustration).
  2. Desperately try to get somebody to drive to Porter's house to bring us food, or take us to get food.
  3. Use our jetpacks and go anywhere we wanted to eat.
  4. Walk at least 10 miles to the nearest store thats open 24 hours.
  5. Finally...starve to death.

The most appealing of these options is quite obviously #3 but our packs were low on fuel and wouldn't make it far...(curses!) So after a heated debate, a little rummaging through the kitchen, and a ferocious thumb war we decided to make that walk to our local nerighborhood QFC...

...10 miles away in the rain. The walk there was cool...we touched on subjects ranging from how we thought we were being watched to how devious the chicks are these days and all in all got some great excercise. After our arrival we debated over what food we should get, how hot Kelis is...ok we didn't talk about it to much but I wanted an excuse to randomly insert a picture of Kelis...

anyway...we're in QFC dickin' around pickin' out favorites from Tim's Cascades to Peach O's (we're cheap and didn't want to spring for the more sugary Peach Rings) havin' a grand old time but it wasn't enough...we needed some real food. Man can't live on sugary snacks and crisped chips alone we needed a fuckin pizza...

So we decide to go the $7.99, i forget the name, the name doesn't really matter at all, bullshit, always on sale pizza. After gathering all our late night snacks we head to the clerk's counter to purchase. Mind you, we have been followed throughout the store the whole while we were there to prevent any shoplifting, and once we finally get finished shopping all of the sudden their is no fuckin' person at the cash register that can help us.

We make our purchases and head out of the store. Another debate pops up...WHO IS GONNA CARRY THE PIZZA?! Well we split the bill of the groceries so we decided that it would be fitting if we traded the pizza back and forth every two blocks. Porter Ray was up first and came up with what he believed to be a great idea. He put the pizza into his coat and zipped it up as to free his hands.(Side note-while trying to fit the pizza into his coat i proceeded to lay an expertly aimed "nut shot" on him! Serious comedy, and for the record he gave me one in line while waiting for the cashier, so it was well deserved).

After Porter rolls around on the ground for a couple of minutes screeming and causing a scene, he finally gets up and we start again on our walk. Now usually the walk back always seems faster than the walk previously, but in our case this was the exact opposite. So once again walking in the rain we begin to conversate...such things as

-How fuckin' weird it is that street lights always wanna cut out right when you walk under them, it's hella late at night, and a mysterious-ass van drives by ever so slowly.

-The difference between how creepy a mysterious-ass van is, and one of those nasty ass pick up trucks with the detachable roof driving by at slow speeds on the late night.

-And of course, always staying strapped with a fresh pair of nun-chucks in case mothafuckas in weird vans wanna get out of line and we need to engage in battle!

This is getting too long and I'm sure you're getting bored, 'cause fuck am I bored just writing this! Anyways, we get back to his house, begin to heat the pizza and we both get too tired to continue and fall asleep deciding that we'll eat it in the moring.

Now I know you're thinking, "What the fuck?! I just read all that shit for that weak ass ending?!"

However...there is something funny that occurs at the end. Randomly Porter's brother wakes up and strolls into the kitchen in a dirty ass porno robe(hella gross)...with a dirty ass porn star mustache(mind you he's 15), and begins performing karate techniques to slice and dice(lol) the pizza to shreds! (Do ya'll remember Shredder from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Yo, what the fuck kinda bad guy was that?!)

Moral is, when it comes to the late nights, watch out for hunger, creepy ass vans, and 15 year old karate chopping porn stars in dirty robes!



Monday, November 06, 2006

Free Popcorn Beer & Kicks

Thurday Night 10/24/06 So...Just for Kicks, a documentary that takes you deep into the world of high fashion and hot kicks is showing at the Harvard Exit Theatre of Broadway on Seattle's own Capitol Hill. Me and my cousin P.O. (Transporter, P.O. the Great, Portland Oregon, The Boyfriend Slayer) being the fresh ass cats that we are, have naturally been invited. To tell you the truth we we're hand selected by a sneaker guru/aficienado who works at Seattle's, Capitol 1524 (we've been on their sneaker team for months and still don't even really know what it is???) to attend and put on a list as it was a private screening. After standing ackwardly in the rain for about ten minutes with other clueless sneaker buffs not knowing whether we could go in or not we made our way inside the theatre towards the line...Once inside after the lady working the little ticket thing had stamped and slashed our hands to let everyone know we were underage and shouldn't recieve any alchohol we got about ten bags of free popcorn between the two of us and sat down...

Exhbit A Porter Sneering at the Camera me Eating Popcorn

The movie was cool...we had seen it before so we were ready for all the funny parts and enjoyed all of the drunken outbursts of the other moviegoers...we saw a lot of fresh kicks in there, in my opinion the most fresh were a pair of vintage LL Cool Jay Troop sneakers that were hella fresh...

Picture by Dave White

So yea the movie was cool and everything we got to yell our favorite qoute from the movie "Aye yo baby take those of MONEY!!!" in reference to New York's famous stick up kids sneaker theiving lines. After the movie, 3000 unsuccessful tries at getting free beer, 300 salty bags of popcorn countless laughs and shouted expletives the movie was over and we were introduced to the producer of the movie Thierry Daher. Thierry Daher is the Founder and Head Executive at CAID Productions, a Brooklyn based independent film production company. As such, he produces urban and pop culture related films and ensures financing and global distribution of his independent projects, working with such landmark companies as MTV Networks in the US, Canal+ in Europe, Presidio in Japan, Globo in Brazil and international Home Video distributors like Image Entertainment, Studio Canal+ and Warner. Answering his passion for films Thierry started the company in 2003, after 15 years spent as an entrepreneur in international business, technology and marketing...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Producer Thierry Daher

He talked for a while and gave us some interesting insight into the movie, some background on how they went about getting big named faces like Dame Dash and Bobbito Garcia to be in the film and it was cool some people asked questions and shit. Porter had a question to ask but got to nervous and started stuttering causing a cascade of laughter from the audience (SIKE) but naw it was cool though...after the Q & A we took a quick flick with the producer who was real cool about it...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Us and the producer Thierry Daher

And so concludes the some of you might know me and Porter just so happen to be the flyest muthafuckas on the bus so after the flick we headed to that...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Seattle's public transportation sign

Awww Seattle's public transportation you gotta love it drunken bums, fighting teenagers, and immoral young ladies. Not having a digital camera because of our crazy ridiculous ill shopping habits we had purchased a disposable and decided to waste the rest of our pics and the rest of our night taking random pictures of us and anything else we wanted to...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This Fucking Guy

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This is my batmobile that I have disguised as a regular car

Just a day in the life of that kid the Jeweler and P.O. the Great

Friday, November 03, 2006

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves

Aight, so just to give y'all a better desrciption of who we are and what we're trying to accomplish with this blog...Our names are Jacob, Porter Ray, and Jaz'. Our main passions and topics that we will be discussing within this blog consist of but are not limited to...hip hop, sneakers, fashion, music, art(in all aspects of the word), and cinematography. Aside from our passions, ideals, and opionions, we are also hoping to showcase Seattle's street culture to those who are not aware of it, or for those who are interested in it.

Due to the request of Jacob...I would like to take this time to say feel free to leave comments...whether these comments consist of love or hate...however let me say before hand that if in fact these comments do contain hate can go fuck yourself cocksucker...Na just playin'...please be honest with any comments you leave, but if in displaying your honesty you happen to have an air of hate about yourself...then go fuck yourself cocksucker...Playin' again. Really tho', we truly hope ya'll enjoy the blog and that ya'll can gain anything out of it.
-Porter Ray,

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