Friday, November 03, 2006

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves

Aight, so just to give y'all a better desrciption of who we are and what we're trying to accomplish with this blog...Our names are Jacob, Porter Ray, and Jaz'. Our main passions and topics that we will be discussing within this blog consist of but are not limited to...hip hop, sneakers, fashion, music, art(in all aspects of the word), and cinematography. Aside from our passions, ideals, and opionions, we are also hoping to showcase Seattle's street culture to those who are not aware of it, or for those who are interested in it.

Due to the request of Jacob...I would like to take this time to say feel free to leave comments...whether these comments consist of love or hate...however let me say before hand that if in fact these comments do contain hate can go fuck yourself cocksucker...Na just playin'...please be honest with any comments you leave, but if in displaying your honesty you happen to have an air of hate about yourself...then go fuck yourself cocksucker...Playin' again. Really tho', we truly hope ya'll enjoy the blog and that ya'll can gain anything out of it.
-Porter Ray,

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Ike said...

some fly ass mutha fuckas

AIMEE said...

u boys are TOO much! we all need to go to lunch again! and ok..i miss ur skinny ass A LOT!

The Girl With the ILLEST Round-House-Kick EVER! said...

Well Well Well... My two favorite people... My transPORTER and The Jewler... I don't know Jaz but I'm sure she is cool too if she is hanging out with you two fuckers!... Anyways just wanted to let you know I love the blog-thingy-mabob so far! Keep up the good work! luv ya!

Nifty, the Samurai said...

CAR FULLA BITCHES! thats a bit of Seattle street culture for them heads that don't know..