Monday, November 06, 2006

Free Popcorn Beer & Kicks

Thurday Night 10/24/06 So...Just for Kicks, a documentary that takes you deep into the world of high fashion and hot kicks is showing at the Harvard Exit Theatre of Broadway on Seattle's own Capitol Hill. Me and my cousin P.O. (Transporter, P.O. the Great, Portland Oregon, The Boyfriend Slayer) being the fresh ass cats that we are, have naturally been invited. To tell you the truth we we're hand selected by a sneaker guru/aficienado who works at Seattle's, Capitol 1524 (we've been on their sneaker team for months and still don't even really know what it is???) to attend and put on a list as it was a private screening. After standing ackwardly in the rain for about ten minutes with other clueless sneaker buffs not knowing whether we could go in or not we made our way inside the theatre towards the line...Once inside after the lady working the little ticket thing had stamped and slashed our hands to let everyone know we were underage and shouldn't recieve any alchohol we got about ten bags of free popcorn between the two of us and sat down...

Exhbit A Porter Sneering at the Camera me Eating Popcorn

The movie was cool...we had seen it before so we were ready for all the funny parts and enjoyed all of the drunken outbursts of the other moviegoers...we saw a lot of fresh kicks in there, in my opinion the most fresh were a pair of vintage LL Cool Jay Troop sneakers that were hella fresh...

Picture by Dave White

So yea the movie was cool and everything we got to yell our favorite qoute from the movie "Aye yo baby take those of MONEY!!!" in reference to New York's famous stick up kids sneaker theiving lines. After the movie, 3000 unsuccessful tries at getting free beer, 300 salty bags of popcorn countless laughs and shouted expletives the movie was over and we were introduced to the producer of the movie Thierry Daher. Thierry Daher is the Founder and Head Executive at CAID Productions, a Brooklyn based independent film production company. As such, he produces urban and pop culture related films and ensures financing and global distribution of his independent projects, working with such landmark companies as MTV Networks in the US, Canal+ in Europe, Presidio in Japan, Globo in Brazil and international Home Video distributors like Image Entertainment, Studio Canal+ and Warner. Answering his passion for films Thierry started the company in 2003, after 15 years spent as an entrepreneur in international business, technology and marketing...

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Producer Thierry Daher

He talked for a while and gave us some interesting insight into the movie, some background on how they went about getting big named faces like Dame Dash and Bobbito Garcia to be in the film and it was cool some people asked questions and shit. Porter had a question to ask but got to nervous and started stuttering causing a cascade of laughter from the audience (SIKE) but naw it was cool though...after the Q & A we took a quick flick with the producer who was real cool about it...

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Us and the producer Thierry Daher

And so concludes the some of you might know me and Porter just so happen to be the flyest muthafuckas on the bus so after the flick we headed to that...

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Seattle's public transportation sign

Awww Seattle's public transportation you gotta love it drunken bums, fighting teenagers, and immoral young ladies. Not having a digital camera because of our crazy ridiculous ill shopping habits we had purchased a disposable and decided to waste the rest of our pics and the rest of our night taking random pictures of us and anything else we wanted to...

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This Fucking Guy

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This is my batmobile that I have disguised as a regular car

Just a day in the life of that kid the Jeweler and P.O. the Great

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