Friday, November 10, 2006


My shit? Well I think its time to step my game up. I know I wear a mean dark pair of shades, thats threads that is, but i think its time to spoil myself. Take another low key trip to New York, step my game up five notches. hahhaaa....naw...really...i need a four finger ring in my life.

Sunday November 5th 2006, my boy Donte and I hit up Threads, a local independent shopping event in the Fremont shopping district.

The exhibition was hot, it included mystery gift bags that we were searching for the whole time(niggas), who doesnt enjoy free shit? I do!!!!!The eats were weak, so your gonna charge me ten dollers for a pulled pork sandwhich? I'm not fucking with you or your pulled pork, i'll only fuck with Jones Barbeque's pulled pork. Ha!

The actual exhibiton was hot though, it included local designers from Washington, Oregon, California, all over the U.S. I even ran into a Jewelry Designer from Hawaii.

Due to the fact that we are starving students pursuing our dreams...I had twenty bucks, and the show was seven to get, I was also considering that pulled pork. Starve or spend. Well starvation definately took over. Damn, that was definately a hard predicament, I was surrounded by so many tantalizing fashions. Including, a bag made of Vinyl records, get the fuck out of here. You know how hot that would be, all I would need is my four finger ring and maybe a grill, maybe. I mean aluminum foil might work, I tried it last summer when I was in a local fashion show, it could have worked. Besides the hot threads, there was beautiful art work, and omg, discounted Sevens, diesels, and citizens. I was in Baller's heaven.

We ended up leaving very full, yet unsatisfied so we hit up the local thai restaurant for some pad thai and my favorite pineapple curry. If you ever get a chance to hit up the fremont shopping District, they have some mean Vintage thrift stores, just make sure you carry more than twenty bucks.

- Until next time, stay peachy keen, fresh

and clean, the firms 1st lady

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Super fresh next time we're all gonna go and do some fat coppage