Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Macklemore At Lakeside

So yesterday Macklemore showed up at my school for our annual May Day celebration. Yea I know Macklemore at Lakeside, as you might think the majority of the community was just not ready for his lyrical content. He performed a couple of different tracks from his album The Language Of My Whole a couple tracks I haven't heard before. The overall performance was great, Macklemore really worked with what he had, given the fact that audience was lacking greatly, and he could only say words like "damn" and "hell" causing some of his songs to sound incomplete. The best performance of the day was his "White Privilege" where he addresses his own struggle as a white rapper in the ever so changing industry of Hip-Hop. I felt that performance in general was received with mixed feelings in the crowd. Another Stand out performance of the day was "Love Song" which the Mack dedicated to a couple in the crowd adding to his already outstanding on stage charisma. Overall Macklemore did great with what he was given, got a few free burgers sold some tees so I'm sure he enjoyed himself. Support this local Artist

Peace to Aisha for bringing HipHop to Lakeside.


Kooler said...

note that the man is rockin the bluescholars tee....thats showin local love right there......he brought it down....all 17 of members of the audence where touched...overall though .....he rocked it ...and there is no reason a show like that should be disrespected like it was by havein such a week as croud....but he worked with it ...overall it was good ish.....look for this guy....hes on the come up

ill-literacy said...

thanks isaiah.
I paid him some fat buck$ so I'm sure he left happy. I was just happy to have lakeside kids really listen to the stuff he was saying. It was rewarding. no doubt. the show was dope.

UHLENAH said...

nice... check him out along with the Physics , OneBeLo and Blu at chop suey this weekend on may 25th (: