Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Common is hard at work

To follow up his successes in both the music and the film industry with his release of the album Finding Forever and his roles in the movies American Gangster and Street Kings, Common is back at work on both scens. He is set to release his next album Invisible Summer in mid July. He is appearing in the movie Wanted set to hit June 27th and he has also signed on to be apart of the next Terminator movie.
If Invisible Summer is any where near as dope as Finding Forever i think every one will be pleased but there are some skeptics after reports that the album would not feater any collaborations with Kanye do to schedule conflicts or something wack like that. Common said that the album is going to be all about feel good music. Even with out the Kanye and Common colaberation that i have grown to love im sure it will be dope.

1 comment:

Sam said...

i have a feeling this cd is gonna be really bad. like electric circus bad. i really hope i'm wrong.