Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So Who The Fuck Is Kooler?????

So if i no u as well as i think i do i would say that you woke up this morning....much like u do every morning and asked ur self ....who the fuck is this guy Kooler that is doin all this work on the I.S.H blog......well i would just like to take this time to allow myself to im just a young man tryin to make it in this cool kids world....times is is hard....but shit im tryin........wait now that i think about life ant that hard.....the sun is shining ....i have been seeing more dresses and less jeans that means summer is coming .....dresses, skirts and booty shorts....its like the summer groundhog day......but yah you will be hearing and if your lucky seeing much more from yah keep your eyes open

Get At Me

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