Friday, April 18, 2008

Girls Are Mean Boys Are Stupid

There are times in life when you realize the truth about everything, like when you realized that santa claus really lives in brooklyn....wait that aint true? fuck it. At these times you can only rely on things that are green if you know what I mean. Naw seriously recently a friend of mines told a story to me that was shocking, I mean I know girls are mean but goddamn! I dont know like ladies I know sometimes boys can be kinda greezy and shit but fuck! you guys are just mean...its like cant live without them but you cant live with them...that was a damn good quote I got more stashed up in the quote library. But honestly ladies like lets just try and be nice here. Like I know Im a douche and i dont apologize but girls should cause they are supposed to be nice and girly and wearing pink...not to be like a supporting of traditional gender roles....but shit I mean I am.

The librarian just told me to shutup I can write without music.


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