Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bun B slides through Laced Up

...saw Bun B down in Vegas at the last Magic, so I go, "Bun what's goin on yo we saw down in Vegas at magic good to see you again"

he goes, "oh yea I remember you it's good seeing you again man"

I go (in my head of course) "yea riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight" .

Bun's the man though, came through Laced Up showed love to the fam AND copped some gear (you broke fucks) .

Peep the flicks, some are good most aren't....

uuuh, oh and i almost forgot the night didn't even end there. Since fuckin Nuemos wanted to discriminate against the under 21 crowd we couldn't get into Bun's actual show (weak) .

...hit some random party, drunken revelery ensued just the usual kinda shit (this is where the story starts getting hazy and my memory begins to fail me) luckily i was able to snap a few flicks before I just said forget that i'm tryna get drunk off my ass and see if any of these chicks in here know how to dance....uh, forget that last part, but here's a few of those though .

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Anonymous said...

Fuck thay guy Porter he stole my chick