Monday, June 23, 2008

Dyme Def Mixtape Release Party

Sunday Night Kooler, Corwin, Mike and I ventured to the great unknown, Fremont, to attend the Dyme Def's 3BadBrothaaas Mixtape release party. All of us being on the VIP, peace to my man Benito for that, list we were able to get in free, bring our Slurpee's in, and chill in this real nice lounge spot.

We waited awhile as anticipation grew for Dyme Def to rock the stage. Various wack rappers got on stage and tried, failing miserably to rock the stage. This gave us some time to walk around and pass out mix tapes, buttons, stickers as well as meet the young lady's and local rappers who were dispersed throughout the crowd

The Group got on stage at around 11:47 and performed for about 30 minutes. They performed some of their tracks from Space Music as well as some brand new tracks from the mixtape 3BadBrothaaas. The new tracks were very creative and original, especially Brain's Them song and My Nuts. The performance was made even more interesting because of a projector placed right behind the performing group that displayed various images that usually had to do with the lyrics being said. This was by far the most creative thing I have ever seen at a local concert. The video made the experience so much more enjoyable and interesting. Along with the projector aspect and the new songs, Dyme Def rocked the crowd like always with incredible steez the crowd enjoyed. More pictures from the performance and the night.

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elena said...

fuck of course I was gone for this ... but dyme def is my ishh hah